Trendzmandu is an online retail store based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Trendzmandu aims to be the number #1 customer-centric online destination for all Nepalese. We are a small team of passionate people hoping to bring a positive movement in the growing e-commerce industry in Nepal.

About The Products Available for Purchase Online at

Trendzmandu offers a good selection on sunglasses, watches, and shoes (soon) at affordable prices. Customers and online shoppers in Nepal, primarily based out of Kathmandu, can benefit from this online shopping experience and choose from a wide range of products only available in Kathmandu. This is the beauty of online shopping—shop anywhere from Nepal and Trendzmandu will deliver it!

About Delivery

Currently, Trendzmandu offers free shipping all over Nepal with Cash-on-Delivery service in a handful of cities. We hope to extend our reach all over Nepal as the postal system of Nepal gets better, reliable and more affordable for customers outside the capital.

Reminder about Cash on Delivery (COD): We hope customers understand that COD is not yet available in every city and location of Nepal. If you have any queries regarding the availability of COD, please contact us immediately at our phone numbers.

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